The act of blogging is as old as the internet itself, and while the rise of social network has seen social media contents emerge as the highest source of content consumed these days, blogging is still very much around and wouldn’t be going away anytime soon.

It is never too late to start a new blog. In fact, the best time to start a blog is right now. If you’ve ever questioned “Is blogging still important or relevant in 2020?” the answer is a big ‘YES’. You are most likely going to see a search results filled with blog posts when you search for certain topics on Google, Bing and other search engines than a post from social media handles. Tons of people search the internet daily so your best bet of reaching a chunk of them is through blogging.

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There are several reasons why you should start up your own blog in 2020, including:

1. You are looking to make some extra income.

2. You’d like to lend your expertise and become an online authority on a particular niche.

3. To attract organic traffic to your business website.

4. To create an audience.

5. To share your story.

Starting a blog is pretty easy and straight forward, it does not require any sort of educational degree, certification, or expertise is creating websites. All that is required is a passion to write and a desire to continually improve on those writing skills. There are lots of platforms that makes setting up a blog site very easy and straightforward for beginner bloggers and they are also very powerful enough that experienced bloggers use them as well (yes, even your favorite big-time bloggers use them).

There are lots of platforms out there on the web than can help you quickly get started with your blogsite, but I’ll only be listing the top three platforms for now.

There are several reasons why you should start up your own blog in 2020, including:

1. WordPress
WordPress is a very powerful platform for creating virtually any kind of website project. According to the company, it powers more than 20 percent of the web, a very huge number when you consider how many websites there are in the entire world. You can setup a blog on WordPress here for free and they will even give you a free domain if you are not ready to buy one for yourself just yet. Maintaining your blog and adding new articles is just as simple as a few clicks, and once you click on ‘Publish’, your blog can be seen by anyone, anywhere in the world.

2. Blogger
The name says all there is to know about this platform. It is essentially a website setup strictly to help bloggers create a blogsite. It makes creating articles and publishing them seamlessly easy. There are tools for everything, and like WordPress, you can get around anything just by dragging and clicking. They also provide you with a free domain name such as ‘’. There is absolutely no limits or drawback to using these free domain names, they possess all the powers a custom paid domain like ‘’ possess.

3. Tumblr
Tumblr makes blogging super easy, you can make a blog with literarily any kind of content of your choice, texts, video, audio, links, etc.

Blogging requires patience and dedication, the key to being successful at blogging is to find your niche, find your audience, write informative contents that add value to your audience. Be consistent and eventually you will earn the rewards of your invested time and resources.

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Ojay Carter
Ojay Carter

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