There are tons of apps and social media accounts that promise that they can get you follower on Instagram, twitter and other social networks, but of course if it was that simple or real, surely everyone and their grand ma would have a huge following across all social media channels, wouldn’t they?

When you ask ‘how do I get or attract real followers to my Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook page’ the best answer is by optimizing your social media profile or page and having real people with real account follow you organically. Simply put, the solution to getting more followers for yourself or business is to understand what influences people and convinces them to hit the follow button.

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Here are six reason why people follow you on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media channels?

1. Value
Value is the most important currency on social media. It can be used in exchange for followers and engagement. For example, social media networks thrive on user generated contents, if your content is valuable to a specific set of their users be rest assured that they will ensure that content reaches more of such users. So how do you create valuable contents or profiles on social media? It’s simple, know your audience. For example, if your niche is an online shop for women, you know your audience and what attracts and appeals them, therefore you know what content to create. This way your content will be valuable to your specific audience.

2. Inspiration
People naturally tend to follow pages that they can draw inspiration from. By inspiration I’m not talking about motivational quotes and other such posts. I’m referring to professional and well put together ideas, tips, branding, profiling and information. Your page needs to truly inspire others for them to follow you.

3. Personality
Your uniqueness, authenticity, and voice play a huge role in people’s decision to follow you or not. It’s inherent in our make-up as humans to be drawn to people we know, like, and trust and we are no different in our engagement with social media. The best way to show your personality is your content and your brand voice. People want to know that you understand them and care for them, so show the what you are passionate about and let them feel like you are a friend they can talk to as well as listen to.

4. Community
A lot of people follow pages to look for other people with similar values and interests in order to connect with them and become part of a real community. If you want to grow and get real followers on any social media platform, then you need to focus on building a real community where people of similar interests can interact, bond, and share with each other. The engagement created from such a community will not go unnoticed by the algorithms and bots of these social media networks, and you will definitely be rewarded for it.

5. Consistency
Consistency has always been the key to progress in any given endeavor and it is no different on social media. Consistency on social media can be seen on two levels, first page consistency and secondly, content consistency. For page consistency ensure that your theme, colors, designs, and, aesthetics are consistent. Do not make frequent drastic changes to any of these and you should be fine. For content consistency, ensure that your content such as images, videos, and even ads remain relevant to your page and stay valuable to your followers. Furthermore, maintain a consistency in the number and time of your post. This will help people feel more connected to you.

6. Engagement
No matter how grown you are, if you want to keep growing, you need to continually engage with your followers in order to keep them and even attract new followers. The number of followers you have should not limit you from responding to some comments or replying some DMs. Focus on remaining a very relatable brand and encourage engagement between followers. Mentions some of your followers in the comment section to get their loyalty and you will instantly reap the rewards.

Now that you know what to do to get real, organic followers for your social media handles, apply them into your social media marketing right away. These tips will not only help grow your followers and engagement but, they will also keep them from leaving, and help you remain relevant in your niche. Of course, there are more that can be done to grow on social media, check out our social media handles for hand-held principles on how to improve your social media marketing. That been said, the algorithms of top social media networks are written to reward anyone that stays true to providing value, building a community, encouraging engagement, and stays consistent.

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Ojay Carter
Ojay Carter

Ojay Carter is the manager of Caffeinna Creatives' content and marketing department, and is passionate about all things related to digital marketing and digital technology. As a consultant, he has advised dozens of top performing companies across the United Kingdom and Africa where he is based. Check him out on Instagram or say hi on LinkedIn.