Gorgeous 'N' Gifted

  • CLIENT: GnG Group
  • YEAR: 2020
  • ROLE: Graphics & Campaign
  • Creative Design
  • Media Promotion
  • Video Advertorial
  • Prints
  • Social Media Campaign

Gorgeous 'n' Gifted reached out to us desiring to expand the awareness of their brand and reach a new pool of customers. We came up with a pitch on how the brand could engage new prospects through the stories of past and loyal customers of five years or more. Thus, the idea for 'Gorgeous for Life' was birthed. Through storytelling videos, and photos several of old-time customers showcasing products and share touching details and memories that went along with the items they purcahsed from G'n'G.


As one of the key points of the strategy, we launched a hashtag campaign which involved tagging and being tagged along with posts, winning new items if you could still find original receipts, identifying pictures of the representatives that assisted you during purchase and lots more.

About the brand

Gorgeous 'N' Gifted is a Nigerian based luxury interior and furnishing group. They specialize in hand-crafted decorations and interior finishings that would tansform any living space into a depiction of class, style, and luxury. Their theme-based designs ensures that there is something for everyone regardless of taste.

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