Business Listing
& Classified Ads

  • CLIENT: Daitrans Limited
  • YEAR: 2020
  • ROLE: Web Development
  • User Interface
  • User Experience
  • Web Application
  • SEO
  • Creative Design

Nuuza involved our team on the long journey to redesign and develop their ecommerce website. Their target was to develop a platform that embodies and illustrates the richness of their products and the story of the company’s brand, as well as of supplying services and interesting content for users. We therefore created a website with a magnificent user experience across devices, one that puts the product and the unique business model of the brand at the center of interaction.

and result

Today Nkuuza connects thousands of businesss owners and service-renderers to prospective customers across Africa, thanks to the perfect combination of a highly responsive and interactive platform and an ingenious business model. The website was only the beginning of the upward for Nkuuza which ensured that theirgoals were continually being met.

About The Company

Nkuuza is a Nkuuza is a B2C, B2B online marketplace for Business Owners and their customers, combining a Business Directory and classified Ads through virtual shops.

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